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Welcome to Life Simplified 101!   My mission is to help you bring beauty and simplicity to your life through organization.   I started my business Life Simplified 101 because honestly, I love to organize and design spaces.


Throughout my career, I have seen the many benefits of a well organized space including my own home.  As a wife and mother of three, I am much happier and more available to my family when my home is working as it should. 


 My desire to offer this work was nurtured through years of helping family, friends and colleagues bring harmony and order to their homes.  In the past thirty plus years I have organized many different types of spaces such as classrooms, bedrooms, play spaces, closets, kitchens, garages and workshops.


After deciding to become a professional organizer, I wanted to align myself with the best knowledge in the industry, so I joined  NAPO - National Association of Productivity and Organization. Upon joining, I immediately took their wonderful classes and joined up with an inspiring group of other professional organizers.   As with all NAPO organizers, I also follow the NAPO Code of Ethics which offers my clients a standard set of principles which guide my professional conduct. Recently, I have added another important service to facilitate seniors in their transitions. I'm supported in this important work as a member of NASMM - National Association of Senior Move Mangers. Working with seniors has proven to be an affirming part of my business!

-Christina Holm


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